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Reasons to write!



Hi there! We hope you are all enjoying National Letter Writing Month. With a month dedicated to writing to our loved ones, we thought that having a little writing inspiration would be wonderful. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to write:

*Send a friend a recipe for a fabulous day.

*Write to a child in your life to teach them how wonderful it is to receive a letter. Ask them to write you back!

*Write a letter to a former teacher to let him or her know how important they were to you. Give him or her an update on your life today! This idea would be especially wonderful as Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner!


*Congratulate someone on an accomplishment, large or small.

*To say the things that you just can't say in person.

*Go "old school" and send a hand written "text".

*Fix a habit you'd like to break. Instead of reaching for the 3rd Diet Coke, write a letter to a friend!


*Send a "thinking of you" note to a friend who has had a difficult day.

There are a million reasons to write a letter! Having pretty paper to send is one of our personal favorite reasons to write. We hope these ideas inspire you to take part in National Letter Writing Month!


Happy writing!